Image of low and high fidelity wireframes


For me, creating wireframes is a necessary step to designing a user interface. It facilitates the process of ideation, whether I am contemplating a design myself or brainstorming in a group.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

During the initial stages of exploring possible user interface design solutions, I like to create low fidelity wireframes. This limits the investment to any one idea during times when generating many ideas is the best way to find a solution.
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High Fidelity Wireframes

I have created many high fidelity wireframes for multiple purposes. They serve as an essential means of communicating the design to Engineers, Visual Designers, and stakeholders.
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HTML Prototypes

There are times when it is necessary to create HTML prototypes from wireframes. When I create such prototypes, I use it as a means of establishing templates standards, determining the core CSS, and incorporating Web standards into the design.
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