Image of a whiteboard wireframe for PRIDE University

Image of a digitally sketched wireframe

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Whiteboard Sketches

In designing PRIDE University, the Pennsylvania Turnpike's intranet-based training site, I faced tough challenges designing the information architecture. The design had to be extensible to accommodate a large amount of content. Yet, 90% of that content, including taxonomy and hierarchy, would not be ready in time for the site launch. I had to create a design that could accommodate large amounts of additional content and major shifting of content categories. I did most of my initial prototype wireframes on the whiteboard, where I could make quick changes on the fly during brainstorming sessions.

Digital Sketches

At EURO RSCG Worldwide, it was very important that new design prototypes of their application be easily viewable across the organization, which exists in multiple cities. We saved wireframes to Sharepoint but often found we did not have enough time to create digital prototypes in Visio. To solve this problem, I used a pressure sensitive digitizing pad in conjunction with PhotoShop to create digital sketches of prototypes to save in Sharepoint for review across the organization. In addition, Photoshop's controls allowed me to quickly control straight lines and zoom in when I needed to create more detail. Using the pad allowed me to give the sketches more detail with negligible additional required time.


Wireframes are available on to view on the portfolio examples page with a supplied user ID and password.