Image of high fidelity wireframe of login help

High Fidelity Wireframes

My work for organizations has required that I create high fidelity wireframes using different programs including Visio, PhotoShop, and InDesign. While I prefer some to others, I am agile and proficient in each.

EURO RSCG Worldwide – Using Visio Shapes to Create Templates

The application that I worked on at EURO required the use of many re-usable components in the design. I used Visio to create shapes that served as templates of these components. I also made use of Visio's snap and glue feature to create re-usable grid control templates.

Electronic Ink – InDesign High Fidelity Wireframes for Typographic Control

At Electronic Ink, we used Adobe InDesign as a standard for creating high fidelity wireframes. With InDesign, I could create high fidelity wireframes with consistent typography across all pages. I made use of InDesign to create paragraph styles that could translate directly to Web standards for XHTML.

Image of high fidelity wireframe of a grid control


Wireframes are available on to view on the portfolio examples page with a supplied user ID and password.