Visual Design

I have more than 20 years experience as a Visual Designer. Whether it is Graphic Design, Web Design, User Interface Design, Icon Design, Multimedia, or Corporate Identity, my primary goals are clarity, simplicity.

User Interface Design

In designing application user interfaces, my goal is to create usable interfaces that meet user expectations while still conveying the essence of the product brand. In addition to knowledge of best practices in Information Architecture, I incorporate years of experience in Graphic Design and Illustration.
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Web Design

It is entirely possible to achieve a usable site design that is also creative and attractive. Usability and creativity are my goals in Web Design. I begin with no preconceptions of the site design and use User Centered Design methodology to determine content, structure, and navigation. I use cascading style sheets and standards compliant XHTML to bring color, style and visual interest to the design. My design solutions incorporate a fluid layout, allowing the content to expand and contract with the browser window.
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Icon Design

Icons can be very difficult graphic challenges. In real world user experience, icons rarely exist in isolation. Context, archetypal imagery, and common usage influence interpretation of an icon in the mind of an observer. These are concepts I keep in mind when designing icons.
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Multimedia Design

While some of the multimedia pieces I have created are presentation, and some are interactive, all are, at their core, choreography of visual elements, music and voice. Often, I can visualize the choreography, just by listening to the audio track.
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Graphic Design

With Graphic Design, my primary focus is to solve the design challenge at hand while still achieving a design that is legible as well as creative.
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Logo Design

I approach logo design with the goal of communicating the core meaning of the company, organization, or individual in a single graphic image. The logo has to work in black and white as well as color. It also needs to exist in multiple forms to effectively communicate in different venues and media. With a logo established, I design the rest of the identity, using colors and graphic elements that compliment the logo and further communicate the essence, or "brand," of the client.
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