Image of a section of a functional specification

A section of a functional specification

Functional Specifications

I have written functional specifications for over seven years. As with design, my primary goal is clarity. To achieve this, I first research the purpose of the specification. In my experience, the parameters differ widely between organizations. In all cases, I make sure that I define all functional behavior including:

OnDemand Software

I added a section to OnDemand specifications that checked features for conformity to section 508 accessibility standards. All of my Specs at OnDemand:

PRIDE University, for the Pennsylvania Turnpike

In addition to creating the specification document itself, I created step-by-step animations to address maintenance and update procedures. Specifications for PRIDE University:

EURO RSCG Worldwide

In addition to the specification documents, I created HTML proof of concepts and a comprehensive style guide to specify application standards. Specifications for EURO: