User Interface Design

The OnDemand Recorder

To capture user actions with their related screen shots, the OnDemand Recorder appears over the target application window on the upper right. When the application is in use, the Recorder is ready to record user actions. Users interact with the Recorder to monitor the recording process, undo, and redo any recorded actions.

Design Challenge

Because the Recorder was little more than a small version of a standard window, it got visually lost above the target application interface. Indicator icons where misleading and users often attempted recording the next action prematurely. The Recorder needed a distinctly different appearance.

Design Solution

I redesigned the Recorder to give it the appearance of a camera with a three dimensional framework. It included some standard windows dialog controls and indicator lights that clearly communicated to the user when to wait and when to proceed with recording the next action.

Image of a capture of The OnDemand Recorder