Logo Design

Migia Active Wear

Design Challenge

Micki Mayer, a professional ballroom dance instructor, had started her own business designing and creating apparel for dancing, skating, and aerobics. She needed identity that would reflect the specialized apparel she created.

Design Solution

A natural solution was to use line images of Micki's signature creation, dance apparel, in the logo. But, I wanted to give the images a sense of action. So, I drew the apparel as if the dancers were in them. Then, I superimposed "Migia" over the line drawings.

The apparel line drawings became a natural vehicle for extending the Migia brand. In the brochure, they appeared in two additional poses.

Image of the Migia logo in black and white

Examples of the Migia brand

Image of the Migia notepad and business card
Image of the Migia direct mail brochure, closed
Image of the Migia direct mail brochure, opened