Web Design

Knowledge Products Corporate Website

Design Challenge

Global Knowledge's software division, Knowledge Products, needed a major revision of its corporate website. Management had refocused the direction of the division along with its branding. The website needed a new look and new content in two months time, when the PeopleSoft Connect Conference was scheduled and marketing collateral was due to debut.

Design Solution

With new content needed, I took the opportunity to rework the entire site structure using methods in User Centered Design to determine target users, analyze their tasks, and organize the tasks into mental models. The mental models gave me a picture of the optimal information architecture for the site. I structured navigation to match the models and developed the website with light, clean design.

The redesigned website gave Knowledge Products great visibility at the conference. Representatives were able to effectively drive home the return on investment of the product with the testimonials and case studies, all present on the site. Two months later, Knowledge Products and PeopleSoft entered into an OEM agreement to use OnDemand as part of their Enterprise Application.

Launch the site in a new window

Image of a screen capture of the Knowledge Products Corporate Web Site