Image of a scfreen capture of a Kaiser Permanente page

Image of a screen capture of a low-fidelity wireframe

Image of a screen capture of an online training site.

Interaction Design

Designing interaction is at the core of much of my work. My goal is to design interaction that is so intuitive, users will not have to think about the interface itself. They will only think about achieving their tasks and goals and the interface will help them as a silent, invisible partner. I design to create an interface that is visually clear, yet cognitively invisible. I refer to this as beautiful invisibility.

Healthcare online

Kaiser Permanente’s member website required interaction design to simply the complex tasks associated with managing family healthcare. The primary focus of my work was the online delivery of electronic medical records.
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Web-based Applications

EURO RSCG’s Web-based application, targeted specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, required interaction design to accommodate user needs across several disparate professions.
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Online Training

The Pennsylvania Turnpike needed an intranet-based website to train its 2,000 employees on how to use SAP. The training site required an interaction design to accommodate a linear workflow and provide clarity of location within the curriculum.
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