The Portfolio of Jim Griesemer


Good Design is Revelation

Good design is not a personal vision that the designer brings forth to solve a design challenge. Rather, it is a solution that is arrived at after achieving a careful understanding of the users’ mental models through research on their domain of work, their tasks, and their goals. Good design is revealed, not prescribed.


Beautiful Invisibility

My goal with interaction design is to create an interface that, practically speaking, is invisible to users. An interface must be visually perceptible, even beautiful. But it should never get in the user’s way. No one should ever have to think about the interface itself. The design should be visually visible, but cognitively invisible.


Patterns Are My Lifework

People are creatures of habit and patterns have been inherent to human experience for many centuries. The presentation and interaction that users expect from an interface can be documented in the form of design patterns, which can then be used as design standards for components across multiple applications. Understanding patterns are at the core of my work in User Experience. I have authored many design patterns, including the vast majority of those required for an international design pattern library.