Information Architecture for Online Training

The Information Architecture Challenge

In 2006, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) embarked on a project to upgrade their entire enterprise with SAP, known internally as the PRIDE Project. We needed online training to supplement classroom training for 2,000 employees. To meet the need, I led the Web team, determined the information architecture, and created the visual design for PRIDE University, the PTC's first intranet training site that had many requirements, including:

Image of the SAP Accounts Receivable course in PRIDE University

The SAP Accounts Receivable course in PRIDE University

User Feedback

After the first round of SAP training, I conducted a Likert scale survey of 303 PRIDE University users. The results showed that a strong majority of users felt that they could easily find the information they sought.

User survey graph: Regarding statement that the site is findable, 29 strongly agree, 187 agree, 87 somewhat agree, 7 disagree, 3 strongly disagree.

Histogram of user feedback on PRIDE University findability