image of a screen capture of a site created from mental models

image of a screen capture of an online training site

Information Architecture

As a Designer, I have always worked from content first. The information in the content defines the form of the content. However, every information architecture challenge is unique. Finding the best solution requires first understanding who the users are and how they think about their tasks and goals. Consequently, I always start with a blank slate and release preconceived images of good designs. I let the design become a process of discovery, driven by the tasks and goals of the target users.

Information Architecture from Mental Models

For the Knowledge Products corporate website (now OnDemand Software), I used a mental model analysis of the target users to create the information architecture.
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Information Architecture for Online Training

For the Pennsylvania Turnpike intranet-training site, PRIDE University, I created an information architecture that met the requirement of matching SAP classroom training while preserving taxonomy logical to the users.
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