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HTML Prototypes

In the process of prototyping an application, it sometimes becomes necessary to create HTML prototypes. Creating prototypes in HTML, or more importantly XHTML, can provide valuable proof of concept to the designs. My approach is not only to provide proof of concept, but also to create a template framework for the application meets Web standards and works across browsers.

PRIDE University Development – An XHTML/ Partnership

When I designed PRIDE University for the PTC, I collaborated daily with an Developer to develop the site, establishing a partnership between Design and Development. I created XHTML prototypes and he integrated them into a modular architecture that resulted in a Web-based training site that:

Meeting all of these requirements is a challenge at best. By using my extensive background in XHTML and CSS, I was able to simultaneously prototype the site design and lay the foundation for site development.

HTML Prototype Examples

Prototypes are available on to view on the portfolio examples page with a supplied user ID and password.