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I have produced most forms of documentation from project beginning to end. Some examples:


The persona documents I produce facilitate focusing design and development meetings on the real users, instead of the non-descript catchall “User.”
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My workflows, based on interviews with targets users and subject matter experts, provide diagrams that are essential to understanding user interaction, especially with role-based applications.
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Product Maps

I design product maps of applications to maintain project scope and to provide a big picture that helps avoid duplicate functionality and applications that are bigger than appropriate. My product maps provide the team with the 30K view that helps spot and avoid inefficiencies, saving the company and client money.
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Style Guides

I create Style Guides to ensure design and development consistency across the application, especially critical to standardize the work of large development teams.
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Functional Specifications

My experience writing functional specifications includes documenting application behavior, messaging, and error conditions to ensure an application's functionality.
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