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Icon Design

Navigation Icons for Web-Based Applications

Design Challenge

OnDemand Personal Navigator, the Web-Based Player presents authored content in four modes:

As part of the interface redesign, Engineering needed new monochromatic icons for users to launch each of these modes. The icons needed to suggest the name of the mode and the nature of the functionality.

Design Solution

I created icons incorporating aspects of the human figure to suggest the type of participation with images of a computer to reinforce the concepts.

OnDemand Player Icons
Knowledge Pathways Navigation Icons

Design Challenge

Knowledge Pathways, a Web-Based Learning Content Management System, often used in conjuction with OnDemand, presents the following functionality on the home page:

Engineering needed buttons containing monochromatic icons for users to launch each functionality. Because the icons appeared in locations without descriptive text, they needed to be intuitive. As an additional requiement, the buttons needed the match the look and feel of those in OnDemand Personal Navigator.

Design Solution

I created icons based on common interface icon conventions and imagery commonly associated with each of these concepts.