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Image of the special fire issue of Health Devices

Design Challenge

ECRI, a WHO collaborating organization, needed icons to identify fire hazards in the operating room, specifically new fire hazards that have immerged with the introduction of electrical surgical units and surgical lasers. The icons were to be published in a special fire hazard issue of the company's primary publication, Health Devices.

Design Solution

I collaborated with a biomedical engineer to conceptualize the icons' subject matter. To illustrate the three necessary components for a fire, I used a triangle as the common visual foundation of each icon with side representing a component. I created a single icon that illustrated this concept and served as a key for the others.

Icon Meaning
Icon key Icon key — indicates what each side of the icon triangle represents
Icon representing electrosurgical unit fire hazard Heat hazard: electrosurgical unit
Icon representing laser fire hazard Heat hazard: surgical laser
Icon representing oxygen fire hazard Oxidizer hazard: oxygen gas present
Icon representing patient drape fire hazard Fuel hazard: patient drape
Icon representing procedural error fire hazard Human error hazard: improper procedure