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User Interface Design

The OnDemand Player

The OnDemand Player is a Web-based training application that gives enterprise application trainees a powerful tool to participate in a classroom or a self-paced learning. Users learn through simulations, assessments, and context sensitive help.

Design Challenge

Earlier versions of the Player had to be installed as a separate desktop application or browser plug-in. The Player needed to be re-engineered to a zero-footprint, Web-based version. Additionally, the Player was to be marketed with the company's redesigned Learning Content Management System, Knowledge Pathways. The two programs needed to have a similar overall appearance.

Design Solution

The OnDemand instructional bubble

While still retaining the layout and functionality OnDemand users expect, I created a new design that matched OnDemand's main interface to the Knowledge Pathways treatment of graphics and icons. I also integrated the new look into other aspects of the Player, including the Player's instruction "bubble" dialog, the core of how OnDemand presents step-by-step instructions.

View the Player (Internet Explorer 5.5 or later)

To experience the OnDemand Player, click on the link below. You need to disable pop-up blockers for the Player to function. Simulation modes (See It, Try It, and Know It), will play back using your entire screen.

View the OnDemand Player in a new window

The OnDemand Player