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User Interface Design

Knowledge Pathways End User

As the deployment part of a Leaning Content Management System, Knowledge Pathways End User gives users the ability to enroll in course content, called learning paths, and learn at their own pace.

Design Challenge

Product Management wanted the user interface to look more like a website and less like typical computer based training. The interface needed to be conducive to re-branding to accommodate clients who wanted their branding present for their users.

Design Solution

I designed a user interface that reflected contemporary website design, with clear navigation and delineated areas for instruction and content. With a white background and a CSS driven color display, the interface branding could easily be changed to suit the client.

View Knowledge Pathways

To experience the Knowledge Pathways prototype, click on the following link. It is important that you disable pop-up blockers for Knowledge Pathways to function.

View Knowledge Pathways in a new window

The OnDemand Player